“ Doing meditation, reading books on meditation,

listening to others’ meditational experiences…

these are the three grand requirements

in the Practice of Meditation. ”


– Brahmarshi Patriji

Who We Are ?

Pyrastar World Publishing House is started by Anand Kumar in year 2016 with an aim of publishing Books on Spirituality & Children, Spiritual Science, Life After Death, Enlightenment, Meditation through out the world.

“Books are undeniably, a swift shortcut to Enlightenment.”  ~  Linda Goodman.


Publish books on Spiritual Science and make them available everywhere,
help everyone to know about themselves and understand True Spiritual Science ..
We are not this body ..
We are Souls ..
We are Gods!


By 2020 .. Dhyana Telangana Vidyarthi & Dhyana Andhra Vidyarthi
By 2025 .. Dhyana Bharat Vidyarthi
By 2030 .. Dhyana Jagat Vidyarthi

Our Team

Anand Kumar
Founder, CEO



Books Published

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Dhyana Vidyarthi

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Self Image

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Pyrastar World Publishing House Pvt. Ltd
# 11-10-83/2/6, Ground Floor,
Road No. 3,, Streeet No. 13,
Vijayapuri Colony, Kothapet,
Hyderabad – 500035

Phone : +91 79979 95488
Email : info@pyrastarworld.com

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